eCos  for NIOS II project


2006/03/09  eCos4NiosII v1.2 released, you can download it at  Download section
                     Feature: (1) Add serial driver for NIOSII development kit.
2005/06/16   goAhead  webserver can work on NIOS II platform, refer goAhead Web Server section
2005/04/27   eCos4NiosII v1.1  released.
                     Feature :    (1) RedBoot can work with GDB without NIOS II debug module. It can reduce LEs usage for  FPGA
                                      (2) Support Ethernet packages
                                      (3) Support FAT filesystem

The goal of this project is that wants to port eCos to NIOSII CPU. And execute some application on my FPGA board.

This eCos isn't same as the released from Altera. It is fully ported by myself.  This package use "break instruction" to connect with GDB.
But when you build NIOS II, the "break instructioni" is hidden by Quartus II software. You must turn it on by modifing the ptf file to enable
"break instruction" command. When the "break instruction" enabled, the RedBoot can work with GDB without NIOS II debug module.

FPGA board
The FPGA platform I used is Altera NIOS Development Kits(Cyclone Edition)
goAhead Web Server
The first application for my eCos4Nios II is building a  web server on it. I choose goAhead as web server. You can see some screenshot below.
Picture_1   Picture_2
You also can download all source code in Download section. This package include all souce code of eCos , goAhead and hardware RTL code.

eCos4Nios2-1.2.epk :  eCos4NiosII  package 1.2
eCos4Nios2-1.1.epk :  eCos4NiosII  package 1.1
nios2_webs_server_b050427.tar.gz:  This package include eCos4Nios2-1.1, goAhead web-server,  nios2 gnu tool-chain for linux,
                                                         hardware design source code, and some documents.

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